wedding photography

Posted on Oct 8, 2014 in Photography

I’ve went four years without a wedding and all of a sudden I had four to attend this year. The first couple to be hitched were Renee and Pat. I had the pleasure of co-ordinating on the day of, making one of the bride’s dresses and jacket, and supplied a few home made apple pie pockets along the way.

The second took place on lovely Salt Spring Island, where I witnessed a VFS friend and his other half tie the knot. While I left plenty of time to dance the night away, I spent most of the time watching the day unfold through one eye and a camera lens. Although it was a bit stressful leading up to the event as I questioned my skill and surfed the web for inspiration, the day itself was a blast and I’m glad I could help preserve the memories with my camera. See the groom’s Flikr stream for more images.


Brayden McClusky and Lauren  wedding

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