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Posted on Jan 23, 2011 in Thoughts

seriously, no spec

During the fall, I was working on a short film alongside Sandra Rojas Gonzalez called Growing Up Julianne. We’ve successfully finished that project, Sandra’s graduated with flying colours from the Entertainment and Business management program at VFS, and we’re now working on turning that short film into a webisodes series. While the first project seemed like a mad dash to the finish line, as all final projects at VFS do, we’re planning on taking our time producing the series. Not only will bodies thank us in the long run, so will our bank accounts.

The short film was able to be produced on a very minuscule budget, with a lot of work and effort being rewarded with things other than money. This time around, I’m happy to say, we won’t be working on spec, and won’t be asking any of our help to do so either. While this is a passion project, we’re all working professionals hoping to make a career (or in my case, a secondary, on-the-side career) out of this type of work. If we don’t take ourselves seriously and pay us according to the time we put in, how can we expect any future employers to do so?

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