Trial animations

Posted on Jan 28, 2010 in Film & animation

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The excitement has been rising since Taura and I have been making decisions and inching towards actually opening up Flash. We’ve finally arrived at the point where we can start putting together assets and animating them. You can see a trial of our main character eating above. It’s hard to believe, but between tracing this little guy in Illustrator and animating him in Flash, it took me a total of 4 hours. I’d call them all productive hours, I definitely needed a refresher in timeline animation, and after fiddling with shape tweens and motion tweens, and jumping back and froth between Illustrator and Flash, I’d say I accomplished everything I had hoped for. I started tracing out the first image in Adobe Illustrator, and then took it into Flash to animate. Right away, I realized I needed to separate each of the moving objects onto it’s own layer. Back to Illustrator I went.

Pretty soon into Flash, I decided it was better to paste in a raster png (a file format with a transparent background) sequence of images that Choom exported for us, so that I could overlay my vector tracings easier. I moved and made some minor alterations to the pieces for a little while and ran into another roadblock. I needed to make some new assets, so again, back to Illustrator. Originally I had played with the live trace tool, but now only needing bits and pieces of the png sequence, I traced them with the pen tool. I imported the new objects into Flash and continued to animate. Four hours later, you can see the finished product above.

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