There was a star…

Posted on Aug 8, 2010 in Visual design

there was a star, under it was I born
I’m always carrying my camera around with me, snapping photos of interesting things. I’m started to get a little bored with single images, and I’ve always been interested composting and experimenting with blending modes and transparencies. (I switched to InDesign from Quark when I found out that it could do transparencies instead of having to do them in Photoshop). Now I’m finally taking the time to play around with different images.

The image above started with an image of a hole cut into metal siding on a warehouse in New Westminister. I added a dragonfly and changed the colour to a cooler palette, then an image of myself that a friend took last week went in the cutout of the hole. An image of Kingston city hall, weeds from a field near my parents house and a moon all from winter scenes in Ontario filled out the left hand side of the composition. A sprinkling of stary images and a Shakespeare quote, (along with a couple of hours of experimenting with blending modes, masks, and adjustments layers) and voila!

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