Term 4 portfolio

Posted on Dec 16, 2009 in Interactive


It’s the end of term 4 at VFS, and time to post some of the projects that I’ve been working on over the term. Term 4 is the term when they stop micromanaging you, and loosen up the reigns. Luckily, I like to make lists and organize my time, and I enjoyed all of my classes and instructors this term. It wasn’t a problem for me to get everything done in time. I still have a couple of projects to wrap up, but I’m chilling out in class watching YouTube videos on the class projector while I finish them.

I think a lot of my non-stress can be accredited to being involved in the pre-production stages of a music video for the song Allah, Allah, Allah, by MeWithoutYou.

I also reworked Buy-A-Net’s identity in Branding.

I’m also pretty excited about some generative art that we experimented with in Object Oriented Programming this term. It’s not pretty by any means (I’m working on my final right now and hopefully it will be) but you can see one of my weekly generative art assignments on my interactive page. There’s two layers of graphics on grids that are interacting with perlin noise in the background to change the rotation and scale of the objects. Click on the regenerate button to change the colour pattern (it’s random) and the pause button to pause the animation.

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