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Posted on Feb 2, 2014 in Thoughts

Here’s why I love stream of consciousness thinking (and googling) it leads to interesting things like this infographic on contact form conversions!

I could leave it at that, but if you’re still reading check out how I found this little gem:

  • thinking about setting goals for this year, goal: pay down debt quicker
  • brainstorming a list of things I can do to reduce costs and make more money
  • getting a bit stuck, I googled ‘how to make money’ (don’t judge!)
  • came back with a link that included doing SEO at home on your own schedule
  • thought I could learn a little more about SEO and get paid to do so, so I signed myself up for the job
  • part of the form asked if I had a Google Plus account and how often I used it. Of course that got me thinking about…
  • signing into Google Plus
  • and while I was there, I started digging back through the business mastermind course I took a year ago
  • and found a link to the infographic

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