Something that matters deeply

Posted on Sep 23, 2014 in Thoughts

I signed up for How to Start a Startup from Y Combinator a few weeks back. The course starts today and I was sent a couple of links to recommended readings before watching the first video. From one link to another I found a two year old (but still relevant) article on TechCrunch on doing great things.

I don’t like to get too involved with collecting quotes to live my life by. (although if we’re linked on Pinterest you’ll see that I do collect some that are typographically inspiring) Life is too short to be gazing about for direction and not actually living it. At the end of the article this sentence particularly stood out for me. I could have filed it away to do something typographically with it, and risk never publishing it at all, but instead I’ll leave it with you simply below:

If you’re going to devote the best years of your life to your work, have enough love for yourself and the world around you to work on something that matters to you deeply.

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