Music video shoot day

Posted on Nov 26, 2009 in Film & animation


We loaded all the gear, actors, and crew into 6 vehicles and headed out to Pitt Meadows last Saturday. The morning setup took no time at all and we started shooting the main actress in her solo scenes around 8:30. Then the clouds rolled in and it poured rain. We all climbed back into the vehicles and waited it out.

Luckily the supporting actors arrived a little late – just as the rain was letting up. We bagged and taped up the feet of those who didn’t have rubber boots and had them all change into their white t-shirts. The crew got them all set up out in a marshy area along the side of the road and we began filming. A half hour later, we began to realize that we had miscalculated high tide. We moved the gang in with a few rubber boots coming close to filling up with water and still with high spirits. They were set up again closer to the dyke, by this time freezing in barely over 0 temperatures, and continued to film. The water kept rising. They kept up the great job. Shivering in between takes and running through water with wet pants and boots filled with water, while we watched and directed with winter jackets and mittens. Warm beneath their jackets in one arm, I snapped photos with my iphone with the other. They persevered and stuck it out to the very end without much complaint. They all did an amazing job.

It began to sprinkle on and off later on during the shoot and we covered the cameras with umbrellas. Then the real fun started. The mystic powder fight. I don’t want to spoil it too much, so I won’t give you any details. But it was a beautiful sight from the dyke where I took the photo above.

Most of my involvement in the project was the production of it. I contacted the City of Pitt Meadows and the Ministry of the Environment to get appropriate permission to film in the location. Being the only member of the group with a car, I also played taxi a few times throughout the early phase. I put up ads for the actors and organized release forms and rides for them all. I bought supplies and snacks for the actors and tried my best to keep everyone as comfortable as I could on the day of the shoot. I’ve never been more glad to have heated seats in my Jetta as I was that day. Now it’s my turn to take a step back and let the Christopher, Juan, and Stu edit the footage. Check back in a couple of weeks for the final product.

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