Rubber boots in Seattle

Posted on Feb 16, 2011 in Thoughts

rubber boots
Before I begin, I should say this is all my own rambling thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head for the last week.

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to Seattle for the weekend to explore the city. I had no real destinations in mind other than the Pike Market, but I’ve lived 3 hours north of this city for the last two years and I’ve never been. So I went.

I went armed with only two pair of footwear. For any of you that know me, yes, shocking. For those in Seattle, yes, shocking as well, because one of those fancy pairs of footwear were my rubber boots. It rained most of the weekend, and half of it I wore my boots. I swear half of the passerbys took a glance down at my feet as well. Once I caught on, I to started examining everyone’s feet as they passed. Over two full days of wandering, shopping and eating, I only saw one other guy with rubber boots on, and they weren’t nearly as fancy as mine.

I also didn’t see anyone meandering about in a dress either. But that’s besides the point. I can’t be the crazy one. In my head, the sensible dress of the Seatlites (while no one had bare legs, they also weren’t completely covered head to tow in a parka like some unclimatized individuals of Vancouver) represents the types of people that live there. (Although that’s pure speculation because I only know people who live there) While the more decorative rubber boots of the Vancouverites, and the various groups of people who are not used to the wet and rainy (and for some, chilly) weather of the coast, symbolize a more creative community where everything is always changing.

It’s interesting to compare and contrast our American neighbours only 3 hours to the south and see how different they really are from us north of the border.

Or maybe I’m just the crazy one….

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