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My boyfriend got me pottery lessons for my birthday this year. It’s my first time doing throwing on a wheel and the first time I’ve had my hands in clay since high school art class, but it felt completely natural even though I was a newb.

I had my last class Thursday and finished up some pieces to put in the kiln.

This was the first thing I made in the first class. I glazed it red on the inside and blue on the outside with little red flowers, but it all ran together. So i painted some more red flowers on the outside and it’ll go back in the kiln next week.

Mug by Amanda Healey


The first thing I threw on the wheel was a jug which I painted a ring of flowers and leaves on the inside. It was a little splotchy on the outside so I put another coat of turquoise glaze on in some spots and left it to go back in the kiln.

inside of a thrown jug


This one is completely finished. It was the second thing I threw on the wheel. I ran out of time and had to attach some not so great handles at the end of the class, but I made up for the shotty work with some fancy black glaze thrown at the side. 

small handled pot thrown on the wheel


I missed 2 out of the 6 classes but wanted to make sure I had a few different pieces from the class so I made up a bunch of different pendants that I may either keep for myself or give as gifts depending on how they turn out. It’s a bit tricky when you’re painting them because layering them can make totally different colours than what my traditional colour theory would otherwise tell me. They also don’t always go on the same colour as they’ll end up. The red one on the far right, for example, is actually black, and the second from the left is green.



Here’s a closeup of some little blue birds I painted on a grey background. The bumps will melt and smooth out in the kiln in the high heat. Fingers crossed they don’t smooth out too much and leave me with a big messy puddle.

birds pendant

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