Pinterest as a time saver

Posted on Sep 23, 2013 in Thoughts

Pinterest is great. Not just because a ton of people use it, but because it actually fits into my daily life and simplifies my tasks all with a pretty simple and intuitive UI.

Admittedly, I’m not too big of a fan of social functions just for the sake of being social, but I’m not really using the social functions of Pinterest to whatever full advantage I could be. Instead of saving oh so many files to my desktop, with the hopes of one day sorting through them, I can sort them as i pin them. I know not everyone on Pinterest had that tendency before they joined, but it’s definitely improved my workflow a whole lot in collecting inspiration.

The second best thing is automatic moodboards. They’re not as pretty as the ones I used to layout in InDesign, but they’re also a lot quicker to whip up and get the gist of a project conveyed a lot quicker – which leaves more time for the design phase. And the client can even join in and help pin too if they’re so inclined.

Feeding my passion for making things is number three on my list. For a long time I never bothered to surf through other’s pins, but now that I’m on that bandwagon, I finding all kinds of patterns, tutorials, and simple inspirational things that I can make for my home, my wardrobe, and my dinner.

My biggest board has got to be the clothing I could make myself board. I aptly named it this to imply that it’s clothing that I’m capable of making, and clothing that I want for myself. It also helps me feel a little better when all I do is pin things and never get around to making them. Which doesn’t happen too frequently surprisingly. I’ll be posting projects in the near future of my Pinterest (and other) experiments.

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