Posted on Jan 7, 2010 in Thoughts


As I mentioned before, I’m collaborating on my final project with my classmate, Taura Hanson. We’re the only team in the class of 19 people, and I think that says something about our work habits. Before I continue, I don’t want to sound as if I’m putting down the rest of the class. Perhaps they haven’t found a need for a partnership for the size of their projects, or haven’t found someone that they mesh well with and can work together in on direction towards the same goal. But for Taura and I, it’s the exact thing to make our goal a reality.

We’re both hard workers. Independent but willing to ask for help when we need it. We don’t like to lean on anybody too much for support, we’d rather struggle through the jungle and find out own way. We didn’t start brainstorming final project ideas together as a partnership. Taura was thinking about branding and I was trying to figure out a way to do it all in one; bring motion, interactive, photography, and print together to create something that showcased a little bit of everything.

It wasn’t until I was over at Taura‘s helping her brainstorm that it just seemed to be the obvious choice for us to work together. We both wanted to do something cutting edge in the world of interactive design, but we didn’t know what. All we knew is that it sounded like a large project for one person to handle on their own. A quick agreement on partnership and half a minute later we were brainstorming project ideas.

Not too often in design does the answer just show itself to you when you sit down to start the project. But in this case, although we’ve never worked together on a single project before, the way we’ve worked together to help each other through personal projects was enough of a background to base a partnership for our final. If Taura wasn’t in this class, or wanted to work in another medium, I think I could say that I’d be working on this alone. Luckily that phase of the project came pretty naturally and seamlessly to be. We’ll see how well that translates into the rest of the project

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