Music Video

Posted on Nov 16, 2009 in Film & animation

Pitt Meadows music video shoot location

We’re already into week four of term four, and it doesn’t seem nearly as stressful as term three. One of the projects I’m involved with this term is a music video. Other group members include Christopher Harrell, Stuart Amos, and Juan Carlos Arenas. We’re creating a video for a Philadelphia band by the name of Me Without You for a song entitled Allah, Allah, Allah. I’m in charge of most of the preproduction and I’m having a great time organizing the actors, release forms and the roadtrips out to the shoot location.

Originally we drove out to Pitt Meadows to check out the surrounding area of the farm where I filmed my title sequence. Upon wandering down the nearby dyke, we ran into a few locals who directed us further down the road to a beautiful scene where the mountains meet one of the few tidal rivers in BC. Even though it was raining, we knew we had found the perfect spot.

Two weeks, 8 contacts and a few dozen phone calls later, we finally have permission to film. It was well worth it.

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