Music and design

Posted on Jun 7, 2009 in Thoughts

While, quiet background music definitely has it’s place, lately i’ve been taking more opportunities to crank the volume, and feel the notes with my whole body instead of listening with my ears. Previously afraid of a future where I looked back upon my youth and wished I had only turned the volume down on my stereo, I’ve realized, so so many other things in life, not to wait until you’re old and ready to experience the world. You need to live in the now.

VFS gives me so many perfect opportunities to live in the now by creating such a heavy workload and educational system that you can’t help but live in it every moment of every day. Not in the unbalanced work/life way that career paths can take people but more in the way that the program is designed to make you experience design in the real world. As a graphic designer prior to landing in Vancouver, I was already trained to take in the visual static world. Now I’m also quickly becoming adept at analyzing and cataloging for later use the audio, and motion design that enriches our lives on a daily basis. I’m so excited to be alive during this time on earth when so many new technologies are being born.

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