Maybe it’s the moonlight

Posted on Feb 5, 2011 in Film & animation

I’ve been hit or miss on the blogging since I graduated from school. It seems a bit harder to figure out what to write when you don’t have a new project that you can talk about every week on the go. But I’ve been slacking, and now I’ve got some new stuff to show.

While I tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could while I was at VFS, when it came to the motion projects, during the later half of the year, I usually stepped up to take a producing role instead of getting my hands into After Effects and keyframes. I split a musical job with a colleague and friend, Shawn Hight, in the fall. He recorded and cut the first singer/songwriter, Chantel Upshaw, while I stayed later and filmed Nadia Von Hahn. It was a low budget gig, and most of the footage was for their eyes only, but I did spruce up one song with some stock footage and effects in post production.

Hopefully with a little more guidance from my motion buddies, I can experiment with motion graphics in the future and improve my skill.

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