Losing to gain

Posted on Jun 21, 2015 in Thoughts

Sometimes you need to make space for something new.

My original intention during highschool was to be a fashion designer. I backed out before classes started only losing my deposit on residence.

My next move was to take a fast pace 2 year computer programming course because that was the way of the future. I dropped out after a semester and lost a four year scholarship.

I finally settled on a graphic design program the following year which I successfully completed and worked in the industry for four years. Nothing lost here other than my patience for passionless people tied up in internal politics.

I headed back to school at VFS because I wanted to be a motion designer. I lost that idea half way through the program and decided I liked flash programming better. Yeah, I kinda lost my mind at this point.

I was hired at Microsoft for a game design job after sincerely trying to convince them I was an entry level programmer. I had a kick ass time here, but lost my health as a result of pushing myself too hard.

I learned how to heal myself while working as an interaction designer at ICBC. Now that I’m feeling better, I’ve lost that need for a safe place to work and I’m currently exploring new opportunities. (I’m looking in Victoria, BC if you know of anything, hook a sister up)

While I’ve been perfectly happy the bulk of my life, the point is that sometimes you have to give yourself 100% to an idea, only to lose it later so that there’s room for the next to take hold. Kinda makes the failure rate on startups seem a little more palatable.

I can’t wait to see what I lose next.


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