Looking back and saying goodbye

Posted on Apr 23, 2010 in Thoughts

If you would have told me that I would be capable of thinking , doing, and being the things I am when I started the digital design program a year ago I would have called your bluff. Unbelievably, I’ve crammed more knowledge into my head than I ever thought possible, sometimes to the point that I literally had a headache from thinking (usually in OOP class, I’ll ‘blame’ that one on the instructor). But just like conditioning your body to run in a marathon, VFS, by it’s instructors, course content, and way of cramming it all into a year-long program, has conditioned me to be a better designer, better developer, better communicator, and even better person.

The instructors love what they do at VFS; so much that I wouldn’t say they love their jobs, because it’s not their job, it’s getting paid for their passion. The curriculum is constantly being tweaked. Each class has an opportunity to give feedback a the end of every term and many of he suggestions are implemented four months later when the next class comes through.

Now comes the bittersweet graduation event that we’ve all had our eye on since we entered into this VFS family a year ago. Like a small bird leaving the nest for the first time, I have overwhelming mixed feelings about that date. It’s not that I’m not sure if I’m ready, mom and pop VFS has done their job and is sending me out into the world well prepared. Our class of 19 has become a family to me over the year, and now we’re being split up as some of us move back to where we came from, some move to bigger cities in the US. I plan on staying in Vancouver and working in the interactive area of design. How many people will I keep in contact with? Will I return to VFS to audit classes?

The real question in the back of everyone’s mind is how long will it take to find paying work and where will it be? I’ve already set up three informational interviews to meet with companies that I’m interested in working for and I’ll be making more in the coming weeks. Even if a company isn’t hiring, I think it’s valuable to meet with them and see how they run their business and get to know them as people, not just a brand. Keep your eyes and ears open for an email or phone call, you may be on my list šŸ˜‰

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