Lets build something beautiful together

Posted on Oct 7, 2013 in Thoughts

I’m upgrading my brand and my site right now. Stop. Now go back and read that again. Yes – upgrade. Too often I hear designers and clients alike wanting to redesign their sites – just because. There’s no purpose behind their change and they’re just as likely to feel the same about their new site or brand new logo six months down the road.

I chose to upgrade instead. I’m condensing ideas, streamlining process, focusing on delivering the best I can in a holistic view of the big picture. My big picture, and yours too if you want to join in the fun.

No longer will I manage a personal, web, and fashion brand, I’m my own brand. The Amanda Healey brand. I’m selling myself, my skills, and my talents. To potential employers and potential clients. Let’s build beautiful things together :) email me! Hello (at) amandahealey (dot) ca

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