Law of attraction or SEO?

Posted on Jan 17, 2015 in Thoughts

There’s some people that believe if you put an idea out into the universe, you’ll attract things back to you that reinforce that idea you put out. I believe that if I put an idea on my blog, some people, some day, might search some things, and some might even then reach out to me and want to collaborate. But I think that’s the power of the internet and not necessarily the law of attraction. :)

I’ve quietly been looking at the job ads lately, trying to find my dream job. I didn’t really suspect I’d find it here in Vancouver or else the opportunity would have already presented itself, so I decided to keep my search broad and inclusive of the major tech areas in the US.

I kept my search broad to make it easier to find what I’m looking for: I want to work on something that does better for the world and that I’m passionate about. And I want to work on it with passionate people. As long as it’s a digital interactive product I’d be interested in pursuing it. The problem is – a broad search delivers broad results without the clear focus I was looking for. Duh.

A good friend had some words of advice last night when he suggested getting more specific about what I wanted and others who were interested in the same would be easier to find.  I’m sure he’s not as big on the Danielle Laporte train as I am, but it fits right in with her mentality and methodology for how to exist in the world. Basically stop waiting for things to happen and go make them happen yourself. Also very much in line with a newsletter from Tara Gentile that I received in my inbox yesterday morning.

So here’s my first crack at getting more specific about what I’m after. If the SEO gods deliver you to my site and you’re reading this and interested in the same, please do reach out to me at hello at amandahealey dot ca so we can chat more.

  •  my role primarily as a UX/UI designer, with interest also in the visual design, project management, and business focus
  • doesn’t matter where I am – but does it matter if my team is local or remote?
  • with interactive technology
  • an augmented reality solution would be super cool
  • in something that I’m passionate about
  • help people directly
    • always thought this was in kids/old people/education/health kind of area
    • I’d like to focus on psychological growth – for young people or old people
    • I don’t want to be corny, I’d rather be real
  • whatever it is, it needs to integrate with the rest of the user’s life as seamlessly as possible


I’m still not being really specific here, but I think if I can answer some of the following questions and dig a little deeper into opportunities within this space I may find something that tweaks my interest.

  • what psychological problems do people have that need to be solved? or better yet, what can they prevent in adulthood if they learnt while still a child?
    • web research
    • talk to friends and family about their own experiences
    • speak to counsellors/psychiatrists and see what’s trending through their offices
    • reach out to Danielle Laporte to see if she has any insights from her angle of the situation
  • how to inspire people to want to change/grow/learn? – because people don’t know what they don’t know
  • who exactly is my target and how do I reach them?


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