John Fluevog Shoes

Posted on Jun 10, 2009 in Film & animation

By the title of this post, you might be wondering what you’ll be reading underneath it. Why title a post on a digital design blog the name of a shoe brand locally designed in Vancouver. It’s relevancy to my experience at VFS this term is exponential.

I decided early on in the semester that I wanted to base my short story on shoes. Somehow, I would manage to get one of the major loves of my life into my career at VFS. I hit the nail right on the head and developed a script based on a woman’s obsession with shoes. It addresses how it seems that a woman can never have enough and lightheartedly compares them to finding the perfect man. After failed attempts at contacting major chain store stores to film inside their buildings, my roommate suggested that I try Fluevog Shoes downtown.

What a wonderful suggestion. Filming at Fluevog Shoes has by far been the best experience that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing since I arrived in Vancouver, and pretty much everything I’ve experienced has been great, so that’s really saying something. I’m sure my main actress in the film, Desiree Williams,  would agree. The sales staff were amazing to work with, they both had great fun-loving, easy going personalities, and their suggestions and willingness to participate in the film itself has doubly made it better that what I had originally sketched out in my storyboard. They willingly brought out twenty plus pairs of designer shoes to try on, and our half hour adventure quickly turned into over two hours.

Aaron played the part (although he was a natural) of a willing sales person, succumbing to the needs of an excited customer, who just couldn’t get enough shoes. He carried out many a box in Desiree’s size 9 and gave a great story for each one on it’s history of name and design. Rayna, the store manager, was more than accommodating to let us have pretty much free reign of the glass ceilinged store, and even outside on the sidewalk for a shot or two with the authentic Fluevog shoes on Desiree’s feet. Right from the initial conversation with the Stephen in marketing, I felt like I was a valued customer, even though I wasn’t purchasing their product, yet. And that’s a big yet.

Between the friendly sales staff, detail that you won’t find anywhere else, manufacturing their shoes by hand in family owned and operated factories. I highly suggest a trip to a Fluevog store, you won’t be disappointed with the selection, friendly service, and craftsmanship of their product. I know I’ll be back.

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