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Posted on Jan 6, 2010 in UX

in the beginning

Day three of week one of my final project. Ahem, I should say our final project. I’m working with Taura Hanson to design and develop an interactive augmented reality storybook for multitouch devices. Now for all of you non-designer/developer people out there reading my blog, say people like my mom, this is what we’re getting our hands into.

We’re working with an award winning Illustrator, also graduate from the Classical Animation program at VFS a few years back, Choom Lam. We’re using her short animation In The Beginning, and adapting it to make a storybook. Not just any storybook mind you. This is going to be a storybook with just the backgrounds printed inside. The characters and various foreground elements will only be able to be seen with a webcam or a mobile device such as the new Google Nexus One, Apple iPhone, or the Palm Pre. You’ll be able to touch the screen and interact with what you see on screen, just like you can with current apps, only you’ll still be able to see the storybook in the background. The book is the “world” and the augmented reality characters are the players.

We’ve just completed our project plan, and will continue working on our storyboards and script among other things for our regular Wednesday meetings with our advisor, Dave Olsson.  We’re planning on spending a combined total of 584 hours in 10 weeks. There’s lots to document along the way and lots for you to follow. Check back regularly for my journey to the largest interactive project that I’ve worked on to date.

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