GDC and CAPIC annual picnic

Posted on Aug 27, 2011 in Thoughts

Other than my usual 9 to 5 job, I took the spring and summer off (of my usual packed schedule) to deal with some health issues and let my body heal. But fall is slowly creeping up on us and I’ve been getting a little anxious being house bound for so long. I had a great opportunity to climb back into the saddle when I attended the annual GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada) and CAPIC (Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators) picnic yesterday evening at Trout Lake.

The organizers put on a great party. There was a blender on a bicycle to mix margaritas, a potato gun shooting beenie babies at regular intervals, and lots of hamburgers, hotdogs and drinks and snacks to go around. People were super friendly and I was reminded by Mark Busse and passed on the information that Vancouver is having it’s first very own CreativeMornings on Friday, September 2nd. CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. Each event is free of charge, and includes a 20 minute talk, plus coffee! (I copied that straight from the website). Stewart Butterfield, one of the founders of Flickr, will be speaking at the first event at the Woodwards building atrium. Tickets are available 11am Monday morning. Get yours before they sell out!

Having been in the game industry for nearly a year now, and not taking on any freelance projects since 2010, I felt a tad sheepish showing up at the picnic when I’m not really part of either industry. Luckily I brought my friend and motion designer, Shawn Hight, along with me. We met some new people, and part way through he left for previously made plans. At that point in the night I was fully warmed up and found myself chatting up a storm with a picnic table full of game designers, interactive designers, and software engineers from the game design industry. It turns out I was right at home.

Later on I migrated to a picnic table of three photographers, all lovely people with whom I hope to work with in the future. I met a brilliantly talented fine artist who has migrated her skills to a PC tablet, all the while keeping her traditional media style about her work. I reconnected with the president of CAPIC, whom I met last fall at a Likemind event.

I collected a few business cards, gave some advice, and got some in return; but most of all I shared in the smiles and laughter of a passionate group of creative people for no gain that personal pleasure. The people, and their energy is the reason I am drawn to be a creative. I suspect I always will be, no matter what industry I work in.


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