Famous (but never) last words

Posted on Aug 4, 2014 in Fashion

I’ve never been one to separate my personal life too much from work. I’m a big fan of camaraderie in the workplace, which has led me down some interesting paths in the past.

One of the more recent paths I took led me to the desk of Renee Cheung, at that point searching online for a simple skirt she could wear with a corset for her wedding reception. I heard the famous (never) last words come out of my mouth once again “I could make that for you.”

Perhaps slightly overconfident and not fully realizing what I committed to, we shopped around town for some ideas with little luck. Jumping back online we found three dresses that formed the base of the outfit, and used our imagination for the rest. The sketches morphed the cut a few times, and the design continued to evolve even after we bought the fabric. This resulted in a few extra trips to Fabricana with some personal purchases since I was already there 😉

With the knowledge I gained from Mulierose, and the help of a pro pattern maker friend (thanks Victoria!) I set myself up with the bride’s measurements, a roll of kraft paper, a few good rulers and some good music. Because I was sewing for someone else, I actually did the right thing and made a mockup out of cotton. Because we work together, the handicap stall in the bathroom at work was now my studio where I fitted the mockup with safety pins and explained to unexpecting coworkers why we were doing, well, what we were doing.

The real deal was fitted in my home, with homemade apple pie pockets being served in between. With Renee watching in the full length mirror, I felt a little like the mice and birds in Cinderella as I trimmed the hem and bustled the fabric to reveal the bottom layer.

The end result was a 5 piece outfit, footwear excluded, in which I created 3 of the pieces: A three layered taffeta gown with red under layer framed by a front bustle and ruffle, a reversible silk cropped, hooded vest, and a pair of lace gauntlet gloves. The bride bought a complimentary chocolate brown laced corset and got her craft on with a steampunk inspired fascinator to complete the look.


Renee Cheung's wedding dress by Amanda Healey


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