Endorsing a worthy cause through a student project

Posted on Jul 5, 2009 in Film & animation

We were nicely eased into week 1 of term 2 with a holiday to celebrate Canada right in the middle. Nonetheless, most of the major projects this term have been introduced. “The Talking Head” is one of them. Like last term, we have three classes centered around this motion design project: video production, audio production, and storyboarding. This term, we’ve been assigned the task of filming a talking head (basically a talking person for most of my peers, kind of like the news) on the green screen and creating supporting elements for our topic.

In honouring one of the first good rules of design, design something you’re passionate about (you have to like it to want to sell it) I chose to base my talking head project on educating any and all of the perusers of internet world on the perils of spec work. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, spec is work done for little compensation, by many designers, where one submission is chosen at the end by the client. If 200 designers compete for a prize of $100 for a logo, that for the sake of easy math would cost $1000, the client actually gets $200, 000 worth of work for $100. It devalues the creative industry. At the same time, without being able to sit down with the client to ask questions and clarify the creative brief, the designer doesn’t have a clear direction. They may spend more time on a project, and end up with a less precise design, which is where the client suffers. It’s a lose-lose situation for everybody.

I digress.

I’ve confirmed a recorded interview with Mark Busse, MGDC, Partner / Design Director at The Industrial Brand Team, on Wednesday and hand in my one-sheet by Monday morning. I’m brainstorming all kinds of great ideas on how to communicate all of the information surrounding spec work and it’s effects on the design industry, designer’s, clients, and the final product. I hope to post my process on this motion piece over the duration of the term. I look forward to your comments.

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