DD Slam – Blood City teaser trailer

Posted on Mar 27, 2010 in Film & animation

VFS has a unique student culture in that while the digital design program is only a year long, they have three intakes per year. This means that every four months, a new round of 15 to 24 students hits the halls when the previous class graduate. We rotate through one of three main labs depending on how long you’ve been in the school. While we do see each other in the halls and check out the photo ids on the admin board, sometimes we don’t really network with each other as much as we could.

The instructors developed an event called Slam Day to help us out with that. In the middle of term 2, 4 and 6, all of the digital design students get together and are split up into 7 teams with a fair but random representation from each class. We’re given a design brief at 8:30 in the morning and have until 5 that same day to complete a project. This time around it was a teaser trailer for a thriller about a city that’s been overtaken with serial killers. We had a lot of fun all throughout the day and I can say I definitley made new friends. We didn’t officially win by vote of the judges, but we did manage to swing the viewers choice award.

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