My first blog

Posted on Dec 8, 2008 in Thoughts

“Maybe you should start blogging” was the advice I was given when I asked “the meaning of it all” to a fellow designer. “Stop being afraid and just throw yourself at it” has been another good piece. So this is my first post. I started talking to people more about jobs in Toronto, started designing more like the things I want to design and started standing out in the crowd like I aim to do.

So when a colleague dropped a 30m long roll of ribbon from Cosco on the table during a meeting to organize the yearly staff holiday party, I got started on standing out. Next thing you know, I’m standing in the middle of the room, sea of little black dresses and black suits, wearing the ribbon as a dress with rhinestone studded sandals. Look at what I can do, who I can be. This can be applied elsewhere. Just as I can stand out, I can create something great for my clients to stand out.

Posing to “climb to the top” on the Christmas garland helps to stand out too. It’s strategy. Where to stand out can be as important as how. You might just be the talk of your fellow colleagues at the watercooler on Monday.