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Posted on Aug 15, 2014 in UX

I like learning new things. The more life experience I gain, the more I’m paying attention to the efficacy of how I learn those new things. I prefer reading over video content because it’s easier to skim through the parts I’m not interested in.

As much as I like consuming information through text, I’ve never liked reading pdfs on the web. They’re not formatted well for a computer screen and they’re even worse for a mobile phone.

I recently discovered a web app that changed all that. It’s powered by Spritz, an innovative new way to read. The app is called Readsy, and it allows you to upload a pdf and read it in a fraction of the time of your normal reading speed. It displays the text one word at a time, at the words-per-minute rate that you set yourself. It’s easier explained by checking out the website yourself. Ironically, this is a perfect case of images speaking more than words.

Spritz science


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