All the good bits of Amanda

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 in Thoughts

A few years back, I used to blog. Not because I had to for school (although I did), or because it would improve SEO for my site (which it did), but because I genuinely enjoyed sharing my ideas with the world.

As much as my history helps shape my future, it doesn’t define who I am now. So I’d like to skip past the excuses of why I haven’t been making regular contributions to my web server and just jump into the good parts of what I plan to do.

So what I plan to do is reveal ALL of the good bits (and maybe some of the not-as-good) that make up Amanda Healey. Not just the UX Amanda, nor the visual designer. Because whether I’m searching for my next job at a company, a side project that I hope propels me to one day work for myself, or I just want to put an idea out there to see what happens, I put all of myself into that. You can’t hire me for UI design without getting my knack for typography, love of simple nature, and appreciation of the renaissance masters. I can’t be commissioned for a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing for a discount price because I’ll leave my color theory, project management experience and inspirational travels out of the equation. That’s just not who I am, or what my work stands for.

I plan to say no to more requests that begin with ‘I just…’ And yes to more projects that feel good.(I’ll elaborate that more in a future post) I plan to use my creative elemental essence to redesign this site and make it ‘holistically Amanda’. I’ll post photos and art and stories about life, design, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I hope you’re as excited to join me on the ride as I am to have you.

Stay tuned and I hope you join in on any tickle fights that happen along the way :)

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