I am a design thinker. I solve problems. I’m also moving to beautiful Victoria, BC in September and am in search of employment.

I generally refer to myself as a designer, but in favour of finding a job in my field, I’ll label myself a user experience designer so that the SEO robots will bring you to my site. I’m not concerned with my title as much as the impact I can bring to a project. When the end user wins, we all win.

I solve problems with the help of user research and clearly defined goals. I plan out sites and apps with sketches and wireframes, then test and refine my ideas before jumping into photoshop to mock it up. I’m also not afraid to jump into some front end code and work with a dev team to get the build up and running.

Take a look at my work history and you’ll see that I’m passionate about giving back to the community. Whether it was designing health resources for new moms-to-be, or developing immersive software for early readers, it’s important that I’m contributing to the well being and empowering the people around me.

If you’d like to collaborate on an upcoming project or chat further about full time employment, contact me at amanda(at)amandahealey(dot)ca.