A real designer can design anything

Posted on Feb 12, 2010 in Thoughts

A real designer can design anything. I’m not sure if that’s a quote that I’ve seemingly forgotten who spoke it, or if it’s just an attitude that I’ve had since my first round of education at St. Lawrence College. Either way, I try to live by it each day, and ‘design’ my life in a way that’s both pretty and functional.

While we don’t have homework in any classes this term because of our work on our final projects, we do have in class assignments. In Advanced Art Direction last week we had an hour to create a patcha kutcha presentation. For anyone who isn’t familiar with patcha kutcha, it’s a 20 slide presentation where you spend 20 seconds speaking about what’s on each slide. It makes for a quick paced and fun presentation. It’s a great tool and I think it should have been taught to us in term 1.

I chose to present on 20 things I want to do in my life. I altered the brief a little and too kit as 20 things I want to design in my life. This is where the ” a real designer can design anything” comes in. I lost the pdf presentation when my usb key broke itself last week, but here’s the information in list form in no particular order.

  • typeface
  • public building
  • my house
  • wedding dress
  • piece of jewelry
  • chair
  • buttons (not the ones on your shirt, the ones with the pins on the back)
  • my own website
  • wine label
  • sign in neon lights
  • shoes
  • experimental flash project
  • patterned fabric
  • concert poster for someone famous
  • stuffed animal
  • children’s storybook
  • fashion photography shoot (all of the design choices, including shooting the models)
  • costume design for a fairytale movie
  • my own company
  • a better world

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